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The SELPA Staff


Name Title Phone E-mail
Fattig, Mindy                       Executive Director 441-2051
Dexter, Teresa Administrative Assistant  441-2051
Doane-Dixon, Rebecca Behavioral Health Clinician 441-2051
Benjamin, Kevin Behavioral Support Assistant 498-3035
Carrera, Loni Behavioral Support Assistant 441-2051
Roberts, Matthias Behavioral Support Assistant 441-2051
Cook, Lauren Behavioral Health Intervention Specialist 672-4885
Cooke, Heather Deaf/Hard of Hearing Education Specialist 499-4963
Cooney, Lisa Behavioral Support Assistant 441-2051
Craven, Jeff Behavioral Health Intervention Specialist 441-2051
Hill, Sybil Behavioral Health Clinician 441-2051
Haggerty, Jim Orientation & Mobility Specialist 362-1559
Hallock, Rhonda Behavioral Support Assistant 599-3941
Hernandez, Laura Deaf/Hard of Hearing Education Specialist 496-2626
Johnson, Kelly Behavioral Support Assistant 382-9191
Woolley, James Behavioral Support Assistant 441-2051
Vacant SEIS/IEP Compliance  Support
Maraccini, Michelle Behavioral Health Intervention Specialist 441-2051
Mircetich, Sally Adapted Physical Education (APE) Consultant 445-7068
Moses, Carrie Behavioral Intervention Specialist 445-6004
Norton, Zach Behavioral Support Assistant 445-2051
Petru, Lauren Behavioral Health Clinician 441-2051
Phelan-Shahin, Laura Behavioral Health Clinician 672-3818
Pini, Maia Behavioral Health Clinician 683-5856
Pitlock, Starline Low Incidence Clerk 834-9000
Powell, Scully Behavioral Health Clinician 502-6564
Quigley-Cook, Heather Program Director 601-5834
Radic-Oshiro, Sandy Behavioral Health Intervention Specialist 834-2861
Rechelluul, Marlaine Fiscal Clerk 441-2073
Sherer, Laurel Behavioral Health Intervention Specialist 672-6750
Stoll, Peter Program Director 845-2316
Streeter, Jennifer Behavioral Health Intervention Specialist 845-3380
Vacant Vision Education Specialist
Torres, Christina Behavioral Health Clinician 441-2051
Tunzini, Cheryl Behavioral Support Assistant 267-8526
Turk, Wendy Orthopedic Education Specialist 834-1401
Vanlathanith, Eric Behavioral Support Assistant 441-2051
Pantoja, Alfredo Behavioral Support Assistant 441-2051
Yannone, Christine Technology Resource Specialist 407-5107
Stolpe, Sarah Data Management Technician 441-2051