Alternative Dispute Resolution 

The Humboldt- Del Norte SELPA is dedicated to supporting school districts and families to address concerns and disagreements that may come up through the IEP process. Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) provides an opportunity to resolve disagreements in a safe and efficient way that maintains relationships. It is the intent of the Individuals with Disabilities Educacation Act (IDEA) that the IEP process be a non-adversarial one, and SELPA staff is here to support IEP teams in coming to agreement and moving forward. 

We always recommend starting with the school site team and then district leadership if there is a concern or disagreement to be resolved during any part of the IEP process. If the concerns are unable to be resolved ADR trained SELPA staff can support with problem solving and facilitation of IEP meetings, if needed, to work through disagreements.  This process is always voluntary and intended to support the team through the IEP process to come to agreement. 

As part of our committment to Alternative Dispute Resolution we also provide a variety of ADR and IEP related trainings throughout the school year. See our calendar for professional development offerings. 

Additional Resources

Humboldt-Del Norte SELPA ADR Pamphlet- English 

Humboldt- Del Norte SELPA ADR Pamphlet- Spanish 

State SELPA Alternative Dispute Resolution Information and Resources

Procedural Safeguards (State SELPA Website with Safeguards in Multiple Languages)


The Humboldt-Del Norte SELPA is committed to supporting families and schools through ADR to resolve conflicts that may arise during the IEP process. For more information contact us at: